How to care for your #damngoodbikinis.

We want your swim to live a long life. Here's a guide to taking care of your pieces.


Don't forget to wash your swimsuit after wearing! We recommend hand washing your suit to ensure a long life. Hand washing may seem daunting, but it will help to keep the material and shape of the suit so you can wear it over and over again.

Sunscreen and body oils can damage the swimsuit just as much as salt water, so you want to make sure to wash your suit after EVERY wear. An easy way is to just hop in the shower with it on and rinse it out before you shower! After your shower, you can hand wash your pieces with cold water and a gentle soap. Soak in a bucket for 10-15 minutes with soap and water. Wash gently to get the sunscreen stains and oils out. 

Squeeze the water out (very gently!) and lay flat on a drying rack or in a cool, shaded area. You can also hang dry on a line, but be careful to preserve the shape of the bikini! To avoid getting snags, you can place a towel down and dry the suits on top as well. Avoid throwing in the dryer at ALL costs! 


  • We've chosen a four-way stretch fabric made of 82% Nylon & 18% Spandex to make an ultra soft swim set for you! This material needs a little more attention and may snag easier than some of your other suits. We recommend staying away from anything sharp or things like raw wood, jagged rock, etc. as they may catch the material and cause snags it in. 
  • Avoid the washing machine if you want to get the best wear out of your swim. While it may seem the easiest (and we are all guilty of throwing them in once in a while), the machine may damage your swimsuit or stretch the fabric too much. To avoid this, hand wash gently using the steps above. 
  • We aim to bring you the highest quality pieces, however, if you do find loose threads, or you find some threads coming loose after wear, you can easily trim them off with a pair of sharp scissors. Our items are hand sewn and small imperfections may occur from time to time.
  • High chlorine content in pools may lead to discoloration. Try to avoid if possible. If not, remember to rinse and wash immediately after going to a pool.